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i really don’t know how to say the same thing over and over again but my situation and my family’s situation is dire as fuck.

our landlord raised the rent by £300 for the second year in a row, because it means he can get out of paying for the tenancy agreement. he planned for this hike in rent to make us homeless because he wants to demolish parts of the property and do them up so he can resell for profit like the slimy little grubby shit he is.

it isn’t just me at risk here, if it was just me, i wouldn’t be begging tumblr for money. i, on my own, have been homeless in winter before. this time, it is my mother who has lung cancer, my cat who is recovering from surgery and myself, a 19 year old whose attempts to find a job that will pay enough to keep the three of us alive have been fruitless and are continuing to be.

i cannot just up and leave, nor can i crash on a non-existent local friend’s couch. the rest of my family is unwilling to lend any aid whatsoever, believe me, i have asked and begged and cried at and to them, they do not care.

i’m sorry to all the people that are continually seeing me on their dash with this, but this is honest to god my last resort. i have passed the point where i care if i sound needy or desperate or hassly, because i have been forced to be needy and desperate and hassly or my family and i will be homeless and die.

we are two females and the shelters in my area are not nice. the area i live in is not nice. i really don’t know how to make this point any clearer. they literally found a pair of sawn-off baby’s legs a two minute walk away from my house a few weeks ago.

i have been forgoing eating on and off for three months just so i have enough money to feed my mother and cat. we have had to stop paying both the tv license and heating bills because they were bills that were crippling us. i’m typing this while wearing a shirt, jumper, cardigan, and dressing gown all at once.

you are not obligated to donate, you do not have to apologise to me if you don’t have money to donate. but the very least you could do is spread the link around like wildfire because as much as i do and as much as i save, £4500/$7250 is a lot of money and i can only scrape together a fraction of a fraction of that in the time available to me.

i am barely 19, i have already had to deal with the deaths of my three siblings, i have already had to deal with being homeless on my own for a year, i have already had to deal with constant emotional and physical abuse for 16 years, i have already had to deal with my father stealing and absconding with my trust fund, i have already had to deal with my father never paying maintenance, i have already had to deal with taking care of my terminally ill grandmother for three years taken out of my college education while my aunts did fuck all to help, i have already had to deal with 900x more than i am fucking prepared or equipped or should have been expected of me to deal with and i can’t deal with this because unlike every other time this is money i need and not sheer fucking willpower and drive.

Please help her - this is my bestfriend, and it’s killing me that it’s not in my power to help her this way.  But I swear to god if you help her I will draw you whatever the hell you want regardless how complicated it is; not to mention I will forever be in debt to you besides, for doing something to keep her alive.  Signalboost and reblog this errywhere.